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Julie and Daisy Murphy are sisters with a passion for writing about general, lifestyle, and family topics. They both have unique perspectives, which they bring to their writing, making for an interesting and diverse read.

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More About Julie And Daisy

Julie has always had a keen interest in fashion. She is a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London and has several years of experience working in the fashion industry. She writes about a variety of topics in this field, from fashion trends to styling tips and personal fashion experiences. She believes that fashion is not just about clothes, it is an art of self-expression and she enjoys sharing her tips and advice with others.

Daisy, on the other hand, has a strong interest in parenting and family life. She holds a degree in Child Development from University of Oxford and has several years of experience working as a parenting coach. She writes about the ups and downs of being a parent, as well as providing practical advice for other parents. She also writes about the importance of family time and building strong relationships with loved ones.

Despite their different interests, Julie and Daisy share a common goal: to inspire and empower others through their writing. They both believe that it is important to share their experiences and knowledge to help others improve their own lives.

In addition to their writing, Julie and Daisy also have a YouTube channel where they share their tips and advice on a variety of topics. They also frequently participate in podcasts and webinars to share their knowledge and connect with their readers.

Julie and Daisy are dedicated to providing valuable content to their readers and are constantly working to improve their skills and knowledge in order to do so. They are excited to continue sharing their experiences and insights with others and look forward to connecting with their readers.

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